Last Call For Cyber Monday Deals!

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That’s right, when Cyber Monday is over, so are the deep discounts on my titles and they’ll be going back up to full retail price.  So you better act quickly and pick up some new reads today!  You won’t regret it!

You can find out where to buy them here!






Alright everyone!  For Black Friday and all through the weekend til Cyber Monday, I have reduced ALL my titles. That’s right, ALL of them!

For a limited time, my short stories and novellas are all around 99 Cents each  and my bundles have been dropped from $5.99 to $2.99  SERIOUS BARGAIN!   Come Tuesday morning this deal will be gone.

This does not apply to any of my paperback books because CreateSpace won’t let me drop the amount to below cost, sorry!

And I mean everywhere that my titles are available will be dropping in price.  Heck the titles that are available for wide distribution over at Smashwords, Kobo and AllRomance Ebooks have already had their prices slashed!  Amazon is taking it’s time at reviewing my price changes so please keep checking back!

So this Holiday season, support your small independent authors and artists!  We might not be big, but we put out quality!

Click Here to find out where to buy all my titles!  Come pick up your next sexy read today!!  Don’t miss out on this super sale!

Open Wide! Dominated By Her Stallion has gone WIDE!



That’s right!  Book 1 of Rusty’s Ranch has gone wide!  So now if you’ve been hesitating because you don’t want to support the ‘Zon, there are other places where you can pick it up!

When the innocent, curvy Sarah Richardson booked a getaway to billionaire Rusty Windrunner’s ranch to escape her dreary life in New York City and her domineering mother, she had no idea what she was getting into.

She was hoping for a peaceful retreat in the beautiful Montana countryside with fresh air and horses, but what she encountered was far different than what was advertised, Rusty was a horse shifter, the last of his kind with a broad kinky streak that kept his herd, which Sarah now belonged to, in line.

Rusty’s rivals, the coyote tribe of shape shifters, have been trying for years to take over his ranch to get at the hidden treasure beneath it. A ranch Rusty had built from scratch after the tragedy that took his first family from him.

After Sarah goes missing, will he bow to their demands and give up his ranch or will he finally drive out the ruthless predators once and for all?
Read the whole thing from start to finish today!

This is the first part of a series, you can pick up the other two by checking out my catalog!
contains scenes of a sexual nature. 18+

You can pick it up at





AllRomance E-books

Also, if you don’t have an E-reader, you can go and grab it off of CreateSpace

What are you waiting for?  The Holidays are fast approaching so pick up a book for a friend, or yourself today!



Open Wide!: Hard On Africa has gone WIDE



Yup, my bundle of African Shapeshifter Short Stories (Try to say that three times fast) has gone wide!

You can pick it up at these fine online retailers:




AllRomance Ebooks:

and Kobo:


Now you have choice!  Pick up your copy today!

OPEN WIDE! Passion Of The Painted Dog has gone WIDE!!!!!


That’s right!  Passion Of The Painted Dog, the fifth book of my African Shifter books has gone wide!

John Harper fancies himself a prolific hunter, so he decided to take his first ever trip to South Africa to prove his prowess.

One by one his guides get picked off by an unknown assailant and he’s left all alone in the African wilderness. What happens to John? Pick up this sultry short story to find out!

You can pick it up at these following links!



AllRomance Ebooks


Be sure to pick up your copy today!  You will also be able to find the books that have gone wide for distribution on iBooks and Google Play as well!  Happy reading!

You Can Now Get My Books on Google Play!


That’s right!  If you own an Android device, you can just head on over to the Google Play store and read my books!   It’s been a long time coming, but now you can conveniently and discreetly purchase my books through Google Play!

You can find my available titles here:

I’ll also be adding these links to the “Where to Buy” page.  Keep an eye on the Google Play Store as more of my titles become available for wide distribution!

Save Your Readers 50% On KWL Titles–On Us!

Here’s Kobo’s official announcement of the sale along with the codes! Please check out my “Where To Buy” page for a list of my titles available on Kobo.

Kobo Writing Life

Attention all Kobo Writing Life Authors!

On the heels of our successful 50% off promotion in August–which was fully supported by us–we’re excited to announce we’ll be holding a second 50% off sale.

As a refresher, this 50% off promotion will be valid on all titles published through KWL. It won’t cost you anything and will not be taken out of your royalties.

Customers will be able to redeem 50% off of any title published by KWL using the promo codes below an unlimited number of times—so please, let your readers and fans know about this incredible opportunity to stack up on eBooks while they can! Unlike last time, the sale runs in different dates by territory, and each territory has it’s own promo code. See below for the full details.

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SALE SALE SALE! Kobo is having a SALE!


That’s right!  Kobo is promoting their Indie Author segment by having a 50% off sale on their WritingLife books.  That’s right! ALL my Kobo titles will be 50% off starting TODAY and ending on October 31st!   (Oct 30th for the USA and Nov 2nd for the UK)

So all my Kobo readers you’re in luck!  You can head on over and pick up all my titles for literally half price!   Here are the URLS!

So what are you waiting for?  Head on over to Kobo today and pick up these hot, sexy titles!

Just enter one of these codes at checkout depending on your geographic location:

  • Promo Code: CA50SALE (If you’re shopping from CANADA)
  • Promo Code: GET50SALE (If you’re shopping from the UNITED STATES/AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND)
  • Promo Code: UK50SALE (If you’re shopping from the UNITED KINGDOM/GREAT BRITAIN)

Hurry before this sale ends!  Go get some Sexy Hot Erotica!