Big News!!!

Alright everyone, I figure I’ll make this announcement right now.  I’m going to be starting up a new blog soon.  Probably tomorrow.  It’s going to be at a new address and everything!  I’m so excited!  It won’t be this free wordpress one anymore so I’ll be able to have more features!  I’ll be able to embed previews of my books right here! Isn’t that awesome!  I also plan on doing reviews for people so if you want me to read/review your book on my blog, please email me at elovecraftauthor(at)gmail(dot)com

I’ll review pretty much anything!  Thanks for looking!



Rusty strode to the bed, climbed in and


That’s right, I haven’t forgotten about my readers across the pond!  Today starts the Kindle countdown deal for Welcome To Rusty’s Ranch through the store!

So for a limited time, you can pick up this novel for 99p  The price will be going up gradually but if you really want this deal, head on over to Amazon UK and pick it up now!!!

You’ll be getting TWO books for 99p, that’s a steal!

Pick it up today!


Rusty strode to the bed, climbed in and


Alright, for just a few days, Welcome To Rusty’s Ranch is going to be at a discount!

Starting at 7am EST TODAY it’s going to be at 99c.  That’s it!  Then over the next few days it’s going to go up in price.

On Jan 10th it’ll be back to it’s original $3.99 price tag. So don’t delay!  Head on over to and get it now! 

Only available over on!  PICK IT UP TODAY!!!