New Release Hot Off The Presses!!!



That’s right!  Found By The Unicorn is now live!  I decided to go wide right off the bat with this title because it was just too awesome to let Amazon bogart the publishing rights for 90 days.  I want EVERYONE to be able to read this delicious piece of work.

Isn’t the cover just epic?

Anyway here’s the blurb:

Christopher Daniels is fresh out of an abusive relationship. To help clear his head of the trauma of it all he decides to go up to the Cascade Mountains for a nice weekend hike.

Little does he know that he’ll meet the most elusive of creatures as he wanders the wilds of Washington State.

Will he accept the offer given? Or will he run from his fate? One click now and find out!

18+ Only!!!

So, since it’s wide, you can pick it up at many of the online retailers linked below!  Also if you haven’t already sign up for my mailing list!  That way you can get these announcements right away!  the link is in the sidebar.  Don’t worry I won’t spam you!

So without further ado, here are the links to pick up Found By The Unicorn.



All Romance EBooks

I will announce the Kobo link after the 29th of December since all publishing on that retailer is paused for the holidays.

So, I hope everyone of my readers has a save and wonderful holiday season!  Remember, don’t drink and drive, stay home and read porn instead.


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