Open Wide! Dominated By Her Stallion has gone WIDE!



That’s right!  Book 1 of Rusty’s Ranch has gone wide!  So now if you’ve been hesitating because you don’t want to support the ‘Zon, there are other places where you can pick it up!

When the innocent, curvy Sarah Richardson booked a getaway to billionaire Rusty Windrunner’s ranch to escape her dreary life in New York City and her domineering mother, she had no idea what she was getting into.

She was hoping for a peaceful retreat in the beautiful Montana countryside with fresh air and horses, but what she encountered was far different than what was advertised, Rusty was a horse shifter, the last of his kind with a broad kinky streak that kept his herd, which Sarah now belonged to, in line.

Rusty’s rivals, the coyote tribe of shape shifters, have been trying for years to take over his ranch to get at the hidden treasure beneath it. A ranch Rusty had built from scratch after the tragedy that took his first family from him.

After Sarah goes missing, will he bow to their demands and give up his ranch or will he finally drive out the ruthless predators once and for all?
Read the whole thing from start to finish today!

This is the first part of a series, you can pick up the other two by checking out my catalog!
contains scenes of a sexual nature. 18+

You can pick it up at





AllRomance E-books

Also, if you don’t have an E-reader, you can go and grab it off of CreateSpace

What are you waiting for?  The Holidays are fast approaching so pick up a book for a friend, or yourself today!




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