Throwback Thursday! Hunted By The Hyena, my First Ever short!

Hunted By The Hyena was my first ever foray into writing erotica.  I’ve learned so much in these few short months thanks to a friendly reddit group and much trial and error.  Mostly with cover design.

Hunted By The Hyena is a F/F Shapeshifter erotica based in the Zulu Tikoloshe shapeshifting legends.  A farm girl gets ambushed on her way to run errands for her father.  She’s saved in the nick of time though from a horrific end.  Well, you’re gonna have to go read the book if you want to know how it ends.

Anyway, on with the cover.

I don’t have the original cover, thank goodness, but it was horrible.  I used Amazon’s cover creator, and had a picture of a hyena on it.  Was pretty butt ugly.

Then it morphed to this:


OMG Really? What was I thinking? Yeah, let’s play with all the things and do this horrific mish mash.  That didn’t last too long.

Then there was this:


Not too bad, but the title was too hard to read.  Decided to do away with that.

Now this is the current cover, at least on Amazon, AllRomanceEbooks, and Smashwords:

-chilling characters in a terrifying setting-

Much better if you ask me.

So there you go, Throwback Thursday.  You can pick Hunted By The Hyena up over on Amazon CreateSpace, Smashwords , AllRomanceEbooks, and Kobo

If anything I’m all about choice!  hehehe.


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