Book Review: Hunted By The Hyena by Emanuelle Lovecraft

Wow! Of course it isn’t the current cover, but hey! it’s the thought that counts!

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There we go.  She’s on the cover game now!

Yeah, I’ve been into the cheescake short stories lately, and am loving Emanuelle Lovecraft’s writing style.  She’s gritty, down to earth and writes very hot stuff, so of course when I saw this baby up on Amazon for free, I had to snatch it up.  HAH Phrasing.  Snatch…when talking about a lesbian shape shifter short story, man I kill myself.

Anyway this short starts off with a South African farm girl driving through the bush to get to the nearest town.  She’s waylaid by some bandits.  She gets knocked out, and when she comes to, she realizes she’s safe but her attackers are nowhere to be found.

When she finds out who her benefactors are, some real hot action goes down.  I really don’t want to spoil it.

By the way it is STILL FREE on Amazon as I write this…

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