This Woman Just Wanted To Play Some Dungeons And Dragons, What Happens Next? WOW!!!


Jane has no time for traditional dating.  She’s too busy with her marine biology degree to even bother with seeking out love.  She does however take breaks from her relentless studying to play a bit of D&D with her buddies.

One day she finds her dice stolen and she goes to the shop to buy a new set where she finds a handsome stranger willing to help her after she is denied service by the shop owner.

Little does she know, that the game she was going to play that night would be unlike she had ever played before.

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NEW RELEASE!!! So, Who can take Dungeons And Dragons and put a sexy twist on it?

*two thumbs*  This chick, that’s who.

That’s right.  Jane enjoys playing RPG’s with her friends.  It’s a great way to blow off steam while she’s at college studying to be a marine biologist.  Unfortunately her former roommate stole her dice.

She went to a comic shop to buy a replacement set, and what she got will surprise you!


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First off, I decided to change the cover around.  The old cover was nice. It was sexy but it didn’t scream SEX.  I mean it was hot, but it wasn’t smoking except for the hot guy on the front.  So I beefed it up a little.

Lemme know what you think!

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I took this short story and the characters told me they weren’t done, so I built it up to a nice decently sized novella.  I know it’s one of my older releases but I’m extremely proud of it that’s why I’m sharing with you.  Here’s a little excerpt.  Warning, it is NSFW!

“So, you’re Jordan Hale.”  Eric purred.  “I have heard quite a bit about you and was wondering when you would be at one of my shows.”  He said as he pulled off the black silk hood that encompassed Jordan’s beautiful blonde head.

She blinked her blue eyes as she attempted to adjust to the low light in the apartment as the dark hood was removed.  She couldn’t reply due to the bright red ball gag firmly planted in her mouth, so all she could do was look at him.

Eric Jacob crouched at her eye level.  His piercing green eyes saw into the depths of Jordan’s soul and it unnerved her.  Eric’s flame red hair cascaded freely around his pale, muscular shoulders as he smirked at his new play toy, and he sported nothing but a pair of tight boxer briefs. She felt even more vulnerable as she sat trussed like a Christmas goose before him. His red goatee gave him an almost sinister air.

“I have your agreement right here.  Hmm…” He unfolded the paper. “No humiliation, no forced oral, no lengthy choking.  Everything else seems to be on the table.  You seem to be a pretty open minded playmate, I like that.  Oh dear, latex allergies?  Good thing I have latex free toys.” Eric stated as he read from the agreement.

He placed the paper on a nearby table.  He examined the bound beauty before him, his vivid green eyes full of hunger and lust.  “So, this will probably be a little different than what you are used to.” He explained.  “You know I’m not like Brian, I’m not like Trent.  Getting a date with me is notoriously difficult if I haven’t had my eye on you first.” He said as he rose from his crouch.  “Oh yes, I’ve heard of your exploits.  I’m friends with almost every celebrity you’ve been with, from humble Roxy gigs to big name Hollywood starlets.  Every one of them told me the same thing.” He hissed.  “That you were the best groupie around.  Willing to do anything to please them, and getting your rocks off pretty hard while you do it.”

He reached around Jordan’s blonde head and undid the ball gag.  “Ok I’m going to do the talking, do you understand?”  He said as his green eyes burrowed into her blue ones.

“Yes sir.” She said.

“First off, you don’t call me sir, you call me Master. Am I clear?”

“Yes Master.” She said without a moment’s hesitation.

“Good.  Now you know about the safe word, and you know that I will listen to it and stop as soon as you say it?” Eric asked.

“Yes Master.  The safe word is nacho, and the safe gesture is the American Sign Language letter Y.” She repeated.

“Good!  You’ve caught on fast.  Your reputation is proving true.” He said as he went behind her and began to untie the knots Wesley so expertly secured.

She stayed motionless as Eric freed her temporarily from her bonds.  As he looped the rope from her large breasts he marveled at the marks the soft silk rope left on the pale, fleshy mounds.  He decided to gently stroke the rock hard nipples as he gently removed the silken cord.

Jordan moaned as she felt his hot fingers gently stroke her sensitive coral buds.  The rush of blood surging to them after the tight ropes were removed increased their sensitivity even more.

“Now, you aren’t to make a noise unless I say so.” He said as he pinched one of her nipples hard, causing her eyes to fly open in surprise and a curious mixture of pain and pleasure.  She tried to stifle a yelp, but failed.

“That’s two…” he hissed as he pinched a bit harder, but not so hard as to cause damage.

Jordan’s eyes filled with tears as she swallowed the cry that was forming in her throat.  Despite the seemingly brutal treatment, she was extremely turned on, and she could feel her pussy dripping between her legs.

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Innocent, curvy Marie Claude has always wanted to pick up the Cloth and dedicate her life to the Holy Orders, until one day she was visiting an asylum while on a college field trip where she met the man of her dreams (or nightmares) who awakened her carnal desires.

Will Marie-Claude give into temptation, or will she keep her faith strong?

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Guess Who’s Putting Out Another Demon BDSM Short!

two thumbs This chick!  That’s right.  In the next 24hrs or so, Wanted By The Demon King is going to go live on Amazon!  This one is going to be smokin!

Innocent Marie-Claude has aspirations to take Holy vows and help those who are suffering.  One day during a college tour of a mental hospital, she meets the man of her dreams (nightmares?) who awakens such deep carnal desires in her pure, innocent heart.

Will Marie-Claude fall prey to the Demon King’s lust? Or will she steel herself against temptation and keep her virtue intact?

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This Woman plans a regular vacation. What happens next?…WOW!!!


Sarah Richardson is an innocent, curvy woman who has always loved horses.  Her dreary life in New York has begun to wear her down, so she books a western getaway to Rusty’s Ranch in Montana.

Little does she know, there is a conspiracy afoot and she was about to get tied up, *literally* in the middle of it.

Dominated By Her Stallion (1)

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This woman goes to a rock concert. What happens next…INCREDIBLE!


Jordan Hale is a curvy, seemingly confident woman who loves going after rock stars.  She, is, what you would call a professional groupie.  You can always find her hanging out the back of the venue where the biggest rock stars perform.

One night, however, she decided to try her hand at sleeping with the elusive front man of the madly popular group, Joker’s Wild, Eric Jacob.

Has Jordan bitten off more than she could chew?


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This man goes on a routine hunting trip, what he finds…INCREDIBLE!!!


So, John thinks he’s the best hunter ever.  He decides to head on out to South Africa in an attempt to down one of the large beasts that roam her savannas.  He has his trusted local guides ready to take him to the best spot to down either a lion or a leopard, since he didn’t want to take part in one of the famed canned hunts many preserves have to offer.

One night, however, his guides go missing and he’s left alone in the South African wilderness.  A mysterious stranger enters his tent and proposes something he could barely comprehend.

It all started

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This guy goes out for a day of surfing…what happens next, BLOWS YOUR MIND!!!


Johannes is at home in the water.  He’s one of the best surfers on the Eastern Cape and he knows it.  The ladies flock to him in droves and he’s never wanting for a warm companion in bed.

One day however he was catching some waves and was dragged down into the abyss by a sexy Tikoloshe.  Will the predator free his prey? Or will Johannes be left to rot in Davey Jones’ locker?


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This Guy Hears Gunshots!!! What he finds…UNBELIEVABLE!!!


Jacob Schuemer is a park ranger assigned to look after one of the many wildlife preserves in South Africa.  He is doing one of his routine patrols, alone, against his better judgement, and hears gunshots ringing out.

After he arrives at the scene of the fracas, he sees a lone giant of a man standing in a field of tall grass.

How can Jacob assist this poor, lost soul? Head on over to Amazon to find out!

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