Big News!!!

Alright everyone, I figure I’ll make this announcement right now.  I’m going to be starting up a new blog soon.  Probably tomorrow.  It’s going to be at a new address and everything!  I’m so excited!  It won’t be this free wordpress one anymore so I’ll be able to have more features!  I’ll be able to embed previews of my books right here! Isn’t that awesome!  I also plan on doing reviews for people so if you want me to read/review your book on my blog, please email me at elovecraftauthor(at)gmail(dot)com

I’ll review pretty much anything!  Thanks for looking!


Rusty strode to the bed, climbed in and


That’s right, I haven’t forgotten about my readers across the pond!  Today starts the Kindle countdown deal for Welcome To Rusty’s Ranch through the store!

So for a limited time, you can pick up this novel for 99p  The price will be going up gradually but if you really want this deal, head on over to Amazon UK and pick it up now!!!

You’ll be getting TWO books for 99p, that’s a steal!

Pick it up today!


Rusty strode to the bed, climbed in and


Alright, for just a few days, Welcome To Rusty’s Ranch is going to be at a discount!

Starting at 7am EST TODAY it’s going to be at 99c.  That’s it!  Then over the next few days it’s going to go up in price.

On Jan 10th it’ll be back to it’s original $3.99 price tag. So don’t delay!  Head on over to and get it now! 

Only available over on!  PICK IT UP TODAY!!!



Happy Holidays

Ok, to celebrate the release of such an awesome book, Found By The Unicorn I’m doing a giveaway on my Facebook page

First:  you need to go over and LIKE my Facebook page  CLICK HERE


You find the picture of the Sexy Santa Claus, you can see what he looks like up there.  Like it, Share It (publicly) and comment “Unicorns Are Awesome” and that’s it, you’re entered into the draw.  You have to do these three things to be entered, if not, sorry.

Winners will be announced on Jan 1st and contacted via Facebook messaging.  You can tell me what format you want and give me your email. Boom.

All I want is an honest review if you want.  that’s it!

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to my Facebook, like away!

The things I do for love

Thank you so much for the wonderful review Sebastien! ❤ ❤ I'm so glad you liked it!

I had to keep it human form on human because Amazon doesn't like animal on human even though the mythic/monster thing is "okay" but on the line. I didn't want to get tossed in the dungeon and or banned…so I had to keep it somewhat tame in that aspect 😀

New Release Hot Off The Presses!!!



That’s right!  Found By The Unicorn is now live!  I decided to go wide right off the bat with this title because it was just too awesome to let Amazon bogart the publishing rights for 90 days.  I want EVERYONE to be able to read this delicious piece of work.

Isn’t the cover just epic?

Anyway here’s the blurb:

Christopher Daniels is fresh out of an abusive relationship. To help clear his head of the trauma of it all he decides to go up to the Cascade Mountains for a nice weekend hike.

Little does he know that he’ll meet the most elusive of creatures as he wanders the wilds of Washington State.

Will he accept the offer given? Or will he run from his fate? One click now and find out!

18+ Only!!!

So, since it’s wide, you can pick it up at many of the online retailers linked below!  Also if you haven’t already sign up for my mailing list!  That way you can get these announcements right away!  the link is in the sidebar.  Don’t worry I won’t spam you!

So without further ado, here are the links to pick up Found By The Unicorn.



All Romance EBooks

I will announce the Kobo link after the 29th of December since all publishing on that retailer is paused for the holidays.

So, I hope everyone of my readers has a save and wonderful holiday season!  Remember, don’t drink and drive, stay home and read porn instead.

I now have a mailing list!



I know I know, I’ve been a little slow on that, but here it is!    You can sign up at this link Emanuelle Lovecraft’s Email list to stay up to date on when I publish next!  Trust me you won’t regret it!  It’s perfect for those readers who don’t have a wordpress account.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up today!

I have something super delicious in the works right now, so you might want to sign up right away.

I’ll also put it up on the side bar.

Open Wide! TWO titles gone wide!

Alright, let’s start off with the short one:

Hard On (5)

Claimed By The Demon Prince is a BBW BDSM Paranormal Demon short erotica.  I was inspired to write this for some odd reason.

Curvy, Innocent Jamie just turned eighteen years old and needs a date for her senior prom. All of the other guys in her class have turned her down for one reason or another, so she was left with no choice. She and her best friend go to the woods in order to summon a demon in hopes of getting a date for the dateless young woman.

But will she be willing to pay the price the Demon Prince asks?

You can pick it up at these fine online retailers:


All Romance EBooks



Kobo Books

It’s also up on paperback up on Createspace, which you can pick up through Amazon as well.


The next book that I’m going to announce is the sequel to Dominated By Her Stallion, Protected By Her Alpha Stallion.

Rusty strode to the bed, climbed in and

It is a paranormal shapeshifter romance.  BDSM, BBW, Cowboy Billionaire niche.  I’ve had some pretty warm reception.  This is a novella so it’s a bit of a longer read.  You won’t be disappointed though.  If you want to find out what happens after Dominated By Her Stallion, pick this book up TODAY.


Sarah Richardson has has made her home at Rusty’s ranch. She is curvy, confident and privy to Rusty Windrunner’s secret, that he’s the last horse shifter.

One day, they receive a booking for a small family to take a tour of the local area.

They weren’t your average family.

When Roger and Barbra Whitecomb bring their adopted son to the ranch and Rusty is stunned to see a familiar face. The Whitecombs try to enact a sinister plan to demoralize Rusty and get him to give up on Sarah, and the Ranch forever.

Little do they know that the bond of the herd is impossible to break.

One Click it today!!!!

Disclaimer: This is a COMPLETE paranormal shifter romance novel, No cliffhangers! Also, contains scenes of a sexual nature. 18+

You can pick it up at these fine online retailers:


All Romance Ebooks




It is also available on Paperback through Createspace, which you can access through it’s Amazon page.

I’m all about giving choices!!!  So there you have it!  Pick up your copies of these erotic tales today!